Friday, October 23, 2009

It's Just The Beasts Under Your Bed...

(Claudia Schiffer for Harper's Bazaar UK; photographed by Michelangelo Di Battista)

I'm dressing up for Halloween - are you?

P/S: Come dance with me ;)

I Think I Luv Ya, Alexa...

Wren's 2009 Holiday Collection features our favourite scenester in Melissa Coker's signature brand of casual-cool - style that's not too far away from her own. We heart.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Nirvana’s 'Breed' with Sonic Youth’s 'Kool Thing'. Check out the video wall behind the Dewaele brothers! Nice!

From our friend at askskr

Boys Noize - Jeffer (Dexpistols Remix)

Dexpistols, a duo from Tokyo who recently played with our mates Lap Sap at Zouk KL have remixed 'Jeffer' from Boys Noize' latest album 'Power' which appears as a special bonus track for the Japanese release. The remix doesn't overpower the original, it merely makes the track 'bigger' with a prominent big drum beat throughout with little tweaks here and there. Simple and sweet!

Boys Noize - Jeffer (Dexpistols Remix)

Click to buy "Power"

Monday, August 17, 2009


In 1973, Lou Reed released this operatic rock album telling a story of a prostitute ravaged by drugs, depression and an abusive lover. It was thoroughly conceptual, brutal, and a commercial failure in its day, and Reed swore to never perform the album nor any of its' songs live. Over time however, opinions began to change and music tastemakers started to recognise the album's worth and 33 years later, Reed would perform the album live in its entirety (plus a few Velvet Underground encores) at St Anne's Warehouse in Brooklyn NYC - hence this Julian Schnabel-directed live concert documentary.

The power of the album's music cannot be denied, but some may be put off by the album's darker and more depressing moments, with Reed's straight-up lyrics leaving nothing to the imagination. This live performance is truly something to behold. Accompanied by a small-string ensemble, a woodwind section, a youth choir, and a very accomplished band, the resulting musical tapestry is the true star here.

This 70-minute long mood-piece is not for everyone - particularly if one is not a fan of Reed. However, as a document of a one-off musical performance,Add Image the film succeeds on many levels. As far as this album's songs are concerned, there is definitely more value in its mystery.

A word of caution, though: do not read the lyrics while listening to the music. Oh, and some herbal "concoctions" might help too.

By: Liar On The Prowl

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

So sorry...Never update my blog...

Hey guys, I know I'm wrong...Pls forgive me...I will update as good as I can...